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Yahaya Bello Is A Bad And Expired Product Unsellable In Kogi State

Yahaya Bello Is A Bad And Expired Product Unsellable On Kogi State, when you misplace priority at a time when you  have the opportunity to earn respect from people above and beneath you, ridicule is inevitable. 

Governor Yahaya Bello could have be the best, youngest and most respected Governor both in kogi state and in Nigeria, but he lost it chasing Pheriperal things that is not concerned with governance.

Seeking federal attention and calling for a senator recall was the genesis of his disappointment and predicament.

Nobody want to associate with failure after all APC  is playing their party politics not to lose kogi state to the opposition and as it stand GYB is an expired product that is not marketable by virtues of APC Assessment.

when a father start denying his son publicly then the son must have Been a wild dog that cannot be tamed or correct.

GYB  is not sell able in kogi state come this November election.

A bad market is no longer accepted in kogi state. He was fortunately and Mistakenly placed in lugard house without any manifesto or plans on how to get kogi working. 

he was a misfits to occupy that lugard house, He was never ready to lead but opportunity came calling for him and he misused it. 

bye bye to BELLO 
kogi is moving forward to the candidate they will put down their thumps for come November 16th. 

Yahaya bello never again.

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