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Stories Untold About Kuje Prison And List Of Nigerian Leaders There

Kuje prison is one of the most famous prison in Nigeria, this has a Maximum Security area and a Medium Security area, this prison is where most Popular politicians and harden criminals who go against the law are been kept. The are many resources better than this prison in kuje area council but the name 'kuje prison' has taken the glory of the LG. 

This prison is located along gwagwalada express way close to chikwukwu and kiyi all this are villages that surround the prison, the main reason why is been called kuje prison is because in the prison is sitted inside kuje town known as kuje local government of Abuja.

Most prominent Nigerians leaders who have been there are Nnamdi Kani, Reverend King, Raymond Dokpesi, Babatunde Fayose, Farouk Lawan, Boniface Emenalo, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, Lateef ShofolahanCharles, Okah, Comrade Abba Moro, John Yusuf, Olisa Metuh, and Comrade Abba Moro just to mention few.

In 2016 there was a jail break in at kuje prison which several officials and highly personnel where involved in the act, most of this people wherelater relieved from there positions and work which involves DCP Musa Tanko; SIP Buhari Dogo; PIP Stephen Edogbanya ; PIP Patrick Teru; IP Usman Peter; IP Dennis Makum, IP Fassan Akin; SPA Daka James; SPA Adamu Luka; SPA Zakari Yunasa; PA Asnamal Samuel; PA Ejegwa Patrick; PA 11 Isah Ibrahim, and PA 11 Ngede Salifu the two highly personnel where Solomon Amodu and Maxwell Ajukwu where charged for homicide Escape.

Among this prisoners there was a big demarcation among them there are classifications of prisoners like lifers, high-profile, VIP and minor offences ones. The inmates are kept according to their categories with a standing rule that they must not mingle nor interact with each other, this generate several problem among them it later resolved to where the highly profiled prisoners are been sneaked to hostels to pass time  and to places where they can celebrate birthdays with cows and many sex workers. 

Before this time as of the time of creation till early 2017 the prison was not fully fenced it was just protected by mare iron net no proper fencing this instigate more treats to the people inside the prison, it was immediately after several attacks and attemp to bomb the place by suicide bombers tha pushed the federal government to deport more soldiers, fence the premises and also stop illegal entry and exit in the prison premises, more issues also cropped up when there was a division of warder according to religions to guide the inmates. 

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